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Skin Tablet Bundle


We’ve taken our TinyTea herbs, translated them to their extract form and popped them into a tablet.

Same same, only a little different - because sometimes, you’re not near a kettle.

Why Digestive tablet?

Wisdom meets convenience. 
Wise man knows he who lives in glass house should get changed in basement.
He also knows when wellbeing fails, one must examine gut health.
Without gut health, pants don’t fit. Orchestra in gut. Sleep at desk. Drama.
1 tablet daily, for 60 days = ni hao happy digestive system.

Your Tea Digestive Herbs contain Chinese herbs combined with Milk Thistle and have traditionally been designed to:

- relieve digestive discomfort and bloating
- maintain and support natural body cleansing and detoxification process
- maintain and support liver during cleaning and detoxification process
- enhance, improve and promote bile secretion
- decrease, reduce, and relieve symptoms of indigestion and dyspepsia
- address food sensitivity issues such as IBS
- address food stagnation
*non laxative
*contains gluten

60 film coated tablets.
Made in Australia
AUST L 311720

Australian Company
Chinese Herbal Ingredients
Fast Worldwide Delivery
Keto Friendly

Are ingredients in ‘Skin Herb’ tablets the same as ‘Skin Magic Tea’ teabags?
The answer is almost and plus some.
This blend contains your usual Skin Magic Tea herbal ingredients that you know, love and rely on added with added vitamins and mineral including biotin, Vitamin B2, Zinc and Vitamin C.
Instead of consuming two cups of Skin Magic Tea a day, we’ve offered up an alternate; 1 tablet a day, for 60 days. Take your pick.

Which is more effective? Teabag or tablet?
Wise question; it’s all about convenience.
Every single struggling digestive system enjoys warmth – which is the benefit of Skin Magic Tea in the teabag with hot water. The ingredients almost the same, efficacy is designed to be the same – therefore it is up to personal choice; teabag or tablet.

Can I consume Skin Herbs with other blends in the teabag range?
Our Skin Herbs are a fantastic option to consume post 14 Day TinyTea or Digestive herbs. Given that either of these blends work well to address gut health this concept is a brilliant prelude before moving onto the Skin Herbs Tablets.
Skin Herbs can be used side by side with any of our herbal teabag blends, as long as they aren’t consumed together. 

Is this product safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?
Yes it is. However as per usual guidance, if you have an existing health plan with your GP it may be wise to let them know if you take this product. Considering pre and post pregnancy can be a time where in your GP may like full disclosure on your health choices.

Our tablets are designed to be consumed once daily, with food. For the greatest benefits, consume daily until the tablets are finished.

Can I consume more than 1 tablet per day?

No, it is not recommended. Our tablets have been developed by qualified practitioners on a once daily dosage rate. Consuming more tablets will not ‘speed up’ or ‘enhance’ the benefits of this product.

Should I take the tablets consecutively?

Yes. Chinese herbal medicine, tablet or teabag, are designed to build up the body strength over time. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to Chinese medicine, nor health itself. We all know the tortoise always won the race.

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