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E-Book: Eating for a Compromised Digestive System

Eating for a compromised digestive system: aka: a ‘sensitive gut’.


The beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it approaches digestive health in a low fuss manner. Forget the diets, the fads, the weeks of cutting out foods… all of which do little other than exacerbate a person.

From a TCM perspective, the foods you eat either heal or hinder your body.

You are in control of this very influential factor on a day to day basis.

Let’s get straight to the very basic principle that TCM endorses when it comes to eating for a compromised digestive system; warm and cooked is best.

If your life consists of raw juices, smoothies, salads, raw snacks and you find yourself continuously bloated or uncomfortable? Listen up.

And before we continue, let’s add in the disclaimer of ‘warm and cooked’ in it’s correct format. When TCM says ‘cooked’ – it doesn’t mean to ‘cook until the nutrients have vacated the food’. It means blanched. It means warm. It means the opposite of cold or raw.


We are going to dive deeper into this topic and explore how TCM views warm/cooked as being pivotal to the rehabilitation of (and maintenance of) a sensitive and/or depleted digestive system.


All words written by our TCM practitioners.

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